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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 21, 2012 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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hello, everybody, i'm beth troutman, it's time for the best videos the web has to offer "right this minute." cops were not expecting this during -- >> the last few minutes of a car chase on a utah freeway. >> see what flew out when the door flew open. >> when you see that door open for quite awhile, she sat there and considered how she was going
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to do this. >> a guy drives his porsche around a barricade and -- >> into wet cement. >> now hear the story from someone at the scene. >> saw the workers franticly trying to dig the cement out from under the wheel. a man what made a video to take the stigma out of amputations takes something else out of a bag. >> that does not surprise me. >> what do you think this is. >> a fake leg. >> it's the one they took off him. >> and a stunt at niagara falls so daring that it's against the law. now meet the man who will try it. christian has some dash cam video and the story behind it. >> these are the last few minutes of a car chase on a utah freeway. the officers pursuing this van have laid out spike strikes.
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they lose a tire. pay close attention to the right door of this van. >> what? oh, man. >> individual on i-15. >> that was 25-year-old elizabeth hagadone. they allegedly were stealing scrap metal from a nearby business, so they were trying to flee. she decides that when the van slows down, i'm going to jump out. >> wasn't the smoothest escape move i've seen. >> we've seen that door opened for quite awhile. so she considered how she would do that. >> they did end up arresting her, but the other police officers continued to pursue the van. the guy driving the van is 39-year-old harold tullman. the wheel starts smoking and he has to pull over. >> you can't get far on rims that are sparking and a car smoking. >> the van they're driving is
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probably worth more than the metal they were trying to steal. >> it's amazing. >> show me your hands! >> they eventually end up arresting him without too much of a struggle. >> get on the ground now! >> they end up booking both of them into a jail and charged them with theft. >> these two have seen too many action movies, i think. save yourself, i'm going to get out of the way. i'm going to beat these cops. >> i just got to make it to the county line. >> yeah. >> individual on i-15. >> when you're on a boat, the last thing you want to happen is for your ride to catch fire. check out this video of an iranian fuel vessel off the southern coast of iran. this boat had just come from dubai it was carrying fuel when it caught fire due to a technical fault in the engine room. they had nine sailors on board but they were rescued bay documentary crew that happened to be filming in the persian
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gulf. >> one of those things you saw was people using buckets to put the fire out. >> was a brave move on the documentary boat's part. they are next to a boat carrying fuel. >> as soon as they see rescue, they jump out. the boat gets closer and everybody jumps from the burning ship on to the rescue ship. >> these dudes are wasting no time. as soon as the boat gets close enough -- >> they are going back to the ship they just came from. they are like, no, no go the other way. >> they all got off okay. >> these guys are lucky what are the chances that a documentary crew will be out there close by. >> the documentary crew is thinking the same thing. look at the video we're getting. question for you guys, is this proof that karma exists?
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we saw these photos, a guy on a sweet porch 911 decided i have a quicker way to get aroundhis trfic, this stopped wll. didn't realize he was pulling his sweet ride into wet cement. this was in san francisco, california. the driver stayed inside because he didn't want to open the door and let cement leak in and mess up his interior. >> how do you miss the construction cones? i'm sure there were signs. >> a guy named jim, he's an automobile journalist and a contributor for a lot of people are laugh being what this guy did, but people on the internet say if this guy was driving a taurus or something not as nice, they wouldn't be laughing. do you think that's true? >> absolutely. the only reason i noticed it is because its a porch 911 and in wet cement. the workers were franticly trying to dig the cement out from under the wheel.
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>> how did they get this car out? >> from my photo, they were sticking boards under the back wheels trying to get it backed out. you have to figure at best by the time this car got towed or could be driven somewhere, a lot of that cement was hardened on the bottom of the car. i can't imagine what kind of repair work that person rung up. >> are we all taking pleasure in this person's misfortunes because he is driving a porsche and we're not? >> there is a phrase in german that i cannot remember now. if you are driving your 6-year-old civic and you see someone driving a shiny porsche stuck in cement, sorry to say there's a pleasure in that. >> there's a reason why they say patience is a virtue. >> and pay attention to park
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cones. i want you guys to look at this video. >> hello everybody out there in youtube. i will do a third video. this is donald carlson. if you look really closely, he has an amputated leg. that there are nearly 2 million people currently living with an amputated limb in the united states. so donald carlson created this youtube channel in order to create dialogue about amputation. >> everybody wants to see my stump. here is a picture of my stump. >> he's wearing a pair of shorts. >> it's healing up nicely. >> he injured his leg in a work-related accident. he goes into detail about phantom pain. >> there's a different feeling. i got pins and needles right to my little toe here. >> he's very open and communicative about his injury and about his leg. but keep watching. >> i'm not on heavy duty drugs
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anymore to compensate for my pain. any way, that's my stump. that's for the people who continued to make sure i did have my leg cut off. >> oh, no he did not. >> there's the new bag i keep it in. >> oh, my lord. it's fake. it's fake. >> there's the foot. there's my stump. >> my aunt did the same thing for me after she had her leg amputated. she's like, here, look at this. this is my new leg. >> what do you think this is? >> i think that's a fake leg. that can't be his real leg. i don't think that's his real leg. is that the one they took off of him? are you serious? that's his amputated leg? they didn't throw it away as medical waste? >> welcome to the show! >> i can actually make this into a walking cane, too. >> we have more video of
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donald's leg. >> that's my stump. here's what came off of it. this is the bones from my foot. here's a tendon. this is a long, goosy tendon. >> basically he just asked the surgeon if he could had his foot. the surgeon said it's yours. pick it up when you head out. >> i can wiggle my toes now in my hand. we will put this entire video on our website,, and go to our facebook page and tell us what you think. >> he had to have stole it. he to steal his own foot from the hospital. there's no way they will let him walk out of there with the foot they just cut off. >> my doctor gave me my bad tooth. a guy goes for a world record handstand on a snowmobile. >> this is tough because this thing is moving. >> hear just how fast and if he did it. and what has this bulldog so bummed?
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>> he's just sad. maybe he had his heart broken. >> hear what chart-topping singer brought out the w
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welcome back to the show. don't forget to check in at great videos all day long. you are looking at a cow in the city center in the capital of bakub. this cow was being lassoed badly by the police and the cow wasn't having any of it. >> that was a weird way to tie him up. >> he was like i'm here in the shopping district, check out the pasture and the sunglasses in the sunglasses shop. it's like a bull in a china shop, it's a cow in a sunglasses shop. >> maybe that's where he came from. he needed some prescription
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eyewear because he keecouldn't where he was going. >> he was standing at the counter trying to get service. he is at the counter, doesn't knock anything over. the only thing he knocks over are the table and chairs. >> you can't tell me the amount of police, supervisors can't figure out how to capture a cow? >> maybe they don't have cowboys there. i think it's funny the cow is standing at the counter. >> he's like why is nobody helping me? i've been standing here for ten minutes. animals know how to swing. ♪ her nawhen you have a compl
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name, and you're an extreme artist and a balancing act, there's only one thing to do in the snow. in the blue suit, he's about to attempt doing a hand stand on a snow mmobile going 115 kilomete an hour. here he goes to attempt this world record-breaking hand stand. he waits until they get to 154 miles per hour, and then he uses his special contraption on the know mobile, and there he goes. he is a very well-known balancing act performer. this isn't his first stunt. he does all this stuff in the most random done some cool stu. this isn't as impressive as some of his other balancing acts. >> but this is tough because this thing is moving which has
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to make it harder. ♪ >> this tightrope walker is training to cross one of the wonders of the world. hear about the stunt and how he plans to pull it off. >> i'll train with high winds, with water. >> this hamster may not be a tight-roper, but we say he's a good acrobat. the v [ clanking ]
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welcome back to the show. don't forget to check in at great videos all day long. steven, adele just cleaned up at the grammys. >> yes. ♪ >> she's awesome. everybody loves her. >> everybody and everything loves adele. >> we found this awesome video at peoplepets. ♪ >> as you can see, this is a french bulldog, and he's sitting staring into the mirror listening to adele "someone like you you." ♪ >> you can even hear him whimper. >> he has a sad look on his face, too. >> he's so depressed. >> maybe he lost a bone, you an he's replacing someone like you to like a bone like you?
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>> like he forgot where he buried it? now he's looking in the mirror. why. why. >> never find one like that again. you know how sad this song is, right? you should be crying, too. >> he's judging us, not crying. kitty sails but still lands on feet. ♪ >> niagara falls, one of the natural wonders of the world. it's a beautiful sight. look at this video, that takes you up and over niagara falls on a drone helicopter. look at that view. one of the guys that is going to get a look just like this is nick walenda of the famous
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flying wallenda family. the trapeze artists. the videos with all over the internet. here is nick wallendwallenda, ah generation wallenda. that's his mom he just stepped over. this summer he's attempting to walk across niagara falls. it's been held up in bureaucracy. the canadian side was like, no way, we don't want to cheapen the beauty of niagara falls. but they just reversed their decision last week. nick plans to make a custom two-inch wire, stretch it 60 to 70 feet above the gorge it will take him 30 to 40 minutes to get across this wire and it bows in the middle. he will be going downhill and back uphill. he said his dream was to walk through the mist of the fall. we are lucky enough to have nick wallenda joining us right this minute. what's tougher, walking a high
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wire or getting through government bureaucracy? >> definitely getting through government bureaucracy. now i can relax and do what my family has done did or over 200 years. >> the canadians were specific, explain that. >> the u.s. passed a law and governor cuomo passed it into effect last year. on the canadian side what they wrote is they made an addendum to their law, they said once in a generation they will consider revisiting a stunt. >> help us gauge the level of danger here. >> we are dealing with wind conditions, a lot of updraft because the falls are forcing down so rapidly. i'll train with high winds, water, mist in the air. i'll be more than prepared for what i will experience. this is something governments have changed laws over. how does that make you feel to be the guy?
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>> it's quite a blessing. other wire walkers have tried for 30 years to get to do this. i have to pinch myself, i'm living a dream. this is flute playing like you've never heard before. ♪ >> just call it flute boxing. >> that takes some skill. that's amazing. >> the story behind
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road rage leads to a stabbing in gam bills. witnesses say the driver and passenger changed seats. a passenger in another car then started yelling at them. when both vehicles pulled up to an intersection, the driver of the suv confronted the passenger of the other car. he then stabbed the man and drove off. the man got back into his suv gave chase and both got into an accident. that's when officers were able to arrest him. there may soon be an end to the can car drug. the fda is allowing a replacement. one to treat ovarian can srp and another one children with a certain type of leukemia. >> we've had a head-on collision
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in randallstown. doing flips. ♪ ♪ what's cool about this video? a viewer sent it in. >> nice. ♪ >> jeremy price doesn't exactly play the flute like you'd hear in an orchestra.
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♪ >> is he beat boxing in his flute to the song "amazing grace?" >> he is. he did it because his grandmother loved old-time gospel music. he did that for her one day with the beat box and his grandmother loved it. he got up and started playing it just like that. they videotaped it. ♪ >> takes some skill. that's pretty amazing. beat boxing and flute playing. that means he has to beat book and get his air into that hole at the right angle. >> he is a student at the state university of new york at potsdam and studying music education. he was learning flute and
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thought let me try this. >> call it flute boxing. >> flute boxing. >> i like how he's also dancing while doing it. >> you have to. >> feel the spirit, man. you got to move. >> of course. ♪ that's going to do it for our show today. thank you very much for joining us. we have one more video for you. it's a time lapse video of some fog scenes in spain. thanks for joining us. we'll see you tomorrow. have a great one. ♪
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i can't say enough about him. >> a crash in harford county kills three siblingings. plus, a medivac landing experienced a problem. an act of road rage in -- anne arundel county. two people were killed in a head-on crash in owings mills. cheryl conner joins us with the latest. >> reporter: baltimore county police are trying to piece together what happened. the medical examiner is collecting two bodies. i just got off the phone with baltimore county police. they said the driver was speeding on


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